My name is Mel Esposito and I am the Principal Lawyer/Director of the Cairns law firm – Esposito Lawyers.

When I am not working I enjoy nothing more than exploring FNQ, camping, and fishing, with my friends and family.

I like helping people, I always have.


More than that though, I like people getting the correct legal advice!

So why did I decide to write a blog? Well, basically it’s because of social media.  I follow groups and bloggers on facebook.    Unfortunately, there can often be some incorrect legal advice being provided (by well-meaning people).  I therefore decided that I would dedicate some time to broadly addressing some basic legal issues that arise to summarise certain aspects of the law.

I hope you enjoy the articles.  Onwards and upwards! Mel


Please also remember that these articles are providing general information and should not be construed as legal advice.  Should you have a legal question or situation you should engage the services of a lawyer to provide you with advice on the current law specific to your circumstances. The articles are general in nature.

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